By “Doodley Squat Comics”, Here are the 20 Funny and Relateable Comics about Everyday Life

Who thinks everyday life has to be dull and boring? “Jessica Rae“, who makes these hilarious “Doodley Squat” comics about the good, everyday life, certainly doesn’t think so. Slice of Life doodles might not seem like much, but hey, they’re called “doodle squats” for a reason. She makes relateable and adorable comics for her fans.

She started making comics about 10 years ago. Her Facebook feed was pretty text-heavy and she was getting bored with it so she downloaded a kids’ drawing app and thought she would start drawing the things that happened in her daily life instead. That’s how she started drawing comics and got so much success that she has currently family of 5,926 fans on her instagram account.

It is very natural for an author to like some of their works more than others. Her comics features cats, everyday struggles, girl relationship, parenting issues, and so on. We have compiled some of her best illustrations in the following section. If you want to feed your eyes, then bring a cup of tea and scroll down the section below. Have fun!

Credit: Doodley Squat Comics

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