By Cartoonist “William Leitzman”, Here are the 25 Colourful and Relateable Comics

If you are in search of pleasure and happiness then you are in a right place because we bring an artist for you who makes colourful and relateable comics. The artist name is “William Leitzman” who is the owner of fabulous webcomic series named “Comics about life”. He is basically from USA and live and teach in South Korea. This webcomic is about to connect to others in a way that makes them realize that we all feel much of the same ups and downs in life.

The artist has been drawing comics since he was in elementary school. He has been drawing one comic every day since October 2013. He has been into cartoon drawings since he was a kid and have always wanted to be cartoonist like Bill Watterson. He always inspired him to make art that was creative and meaningful.

He says: “I get inspiration from my everyday problems or experiences and conversations with friends. Sometimes I suddenly have a thought that I write down to use later in my comics.” Although he takes inspiration from many other talented artists, he tries to make only original daily comics with his own style inspired by his 23.7k true fans.In the next phase, take a look at some of his relatable comics.

Credit: Comics about life

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