By Cartoonist Steve Ogden, here are the 20 Quirky and Little bit Horror Comics

There are comics that need no introduction. Some don’t really need it because they might be well known enough, but in the current case they might be so fabulous that it’s very difficult to make a point on it and sketch it. Likewise, there is an artist who makes quirky comics and his comics need no introduction.

The artist name is “Steve Ogden”. He is the owner of webcomic series which is known as “Steve Ogden Art” on which he uploads his horror and humourous illustrations regularly. He draw original comics by his own hands that’s why he got so much success. He continue to amuse his 30.5k  true fans through his quirky comics.

The artist has been showering us with hilariously horror comics for nearly a decade. He mostly make 4 panels comics because it is enough to complete whole story. We have gathered some of his best comics. Let’s enjoy the horror comics of this artist in order to make mood your mood happy in the section below.

Credit: Steve Ogden Art

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