By Cartoonist “Sam Pratt”, Here are the 20 Hilarious and Wholesome Comics

If you want to spend your time doing activities that interest you and make you happy because you are bored with regular life, then you have our support. Are you prepared for some more flavor? For those who need a break from their dull routines, we have another batch of zany comics ready. Because you will temporarily forget all of your troubles and enter the land of enjoyment, we promise that your time will be well spent.

Today we’d like to introduce you to “Rustled Jimmies Comics,” a webcomic series. The creator of the amazing webcomic series “Sam Pratt” does not reveal much about himself. This webcomic features plump little dudes with adorable butts. The artist’s passion has always been to create cartoons that make people laugh. He began drawing at a young age, as do most artists.

Rustled Jimmies was originally intended to be a single, badly drawn comic about polar bears; he had no intention of making it a series. On Instagram, he has already entertained more than 33,400 users. In his comics, every character is without a shirt. Some find it disgusting, but he has tried to draw shirts on them, and it is incredibly difficult. Primarily because it doesn’t fit properly because their shoulders are too close to their faces. In order to comprehend the entire situation, let’s look at some of his best illustrations.

Credit: Rustled Jimmies Comics

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