20 But a Jape Comics Based on Twisted Jokes and Hilarious Punchlines

We are back to bring you another good collection of dark comics to make your day better. Let me introduce you to an Instagram account named But A Jape. It is a web comic that features dark humor, observational wit, and philosophical musings. It was created by a very talented artist whose name is James P. Sandoval. He mostly creates four-panel comic strips, which are always based on hilarious jokes and clever twists.


The artist has a great sense of humor, artistic talents, and a passion for drawing comics. He states that he finds his comics to be very different. While some are shorter and feature simpler artwork, others are longer and feature more complicated artwork. As of right now, 2,748 people follow him. In the section that follows, we have compiled a selection of his best comics. Scroll down if you want to appreciate them.

Credit: But A Jape

For More Info: Instagram | Website

#1. Quick Play


#2. Contacts


#3. Greatest Dad

#4. Check out


#5. Bear

#6. Smug Face


He says he gets most of his ideas from things he sees in his daily life, and getting ideas for his comics is not so difficult. But it takes a lot of time to draw. It has taken him weeks to finish the drawing portion, yet he has taken as little as a few hours to write a comic strip.

#7. Let you know

#8. Self Deprecation


#9. Hate

#10. Authority


#11. War

#12. Can’t trust Anyone


#13. Old Man

#14. Old Man


He’s always been the kind of man who looks around for humorous aspects of himself to point out to everyone who will listen. Sometimes it’s just assessing something that he’s noticed in several stories, or it’s just analyzing a strange conversation he had with someone. It is the source of his illustration inspiration. If you would like to see his earlier posts, click Here And Here.

#15. Living the Dream

#16. Opponent


#17. Mindless drones

#18. Not much


#19. Notification

#20. Boring


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