A Chinese artist creates illustrations of characters from various anime (47 Arts)

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Anime, a cultural phenomenon that transcends borders and languages, has inspired countless artists worldwide. Among them, there’s a talented Chinese artist whose work stands out in the realm of anime illustrations. With a passion for capturing the essence of characters from various anime series, this artist’s creations serve as a testament to the global appeal of anime and the boundless creativity it can inspire. Join us as we delve into the captivating world of this Chinese artist’s anime character illustrations.


Anime, originating in Japan, has found an ardent following in China and across the globe. This Chinese artist’s passion for anime reflects the cross-cultural appeal of the medium, transcending geographical boundaries. While anime characters may be rooted in Japanese culture, the universality of their stories and emotions makes them relatable to people of diverse backgrounds.

Credit: Bulangnii

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#1. A Gift For Teachers

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image 191

#2. The Neck is Little Sour

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One such gem is the Instagram account “bulangnii,” belonging to a skilled Chinese artist who has been captivating the online art community with their exceptional illustrations. Specializing in characters from various anime, “bulangnii” has established a reputation for their captivating and exquisite artwork that brings beloved anime characters to life. Join us as we take a closer look at the world of “bulangnii” and celebrate the artistry of this talented mangaka.

#3. Class Time

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Anime, with its diverse and dynamic characters, has always been a rich source of inspiration for artists. “Bulangnii” is no exception, as their Instagram feed is filled with breathtaking illustrations of characters from a wide range of anime series. Whether it’s the iconic protagonists from classic series or the latest fan favorites, the mangaka manages to convey the personality and charm of each character through their artwork. That’s why he currently has a huge audience of 377,000 Instagram followers.

#4. Care

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image 211
image 212
image 213
image 214
image 215
image 216
image 217
image 218

The use of color, shading, and texture in their artwork brings the characters to life, making it feel as if they’ve jumped right out of the anime screen and onto the canvas. The mangaka’s style is both visually striking and emotionally resonant. They have a knack for evoking a wide range of emotions through their work, from the intensity of action scenes to the tenderness of character interactions. This emotional depth is what makes their illustrations so captivating and relatable to anime enthusiasts.

#5. Lunch Time

image 220
image 221
image 222
image 223
image 224
image 225
image 226
image 227
image 228
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