20 Relatable Comics Shows Dealing with Anxiety and Stress in a Hilarious Way

Today we are here to talk about a new webcomic with whom you are not familiar. Let me introduce you to a hilarious webcomic named Buga Boo Monkey Comics. This webcomic was created by a well-known Instagram artist named Grabs H. She started this webcomic in December 2016. The artist behind this webcomic was diagnosed with mental disorders. Her therapist suggested that she try journaling to help her cope with depression.

She has been drawing since she was a child. This webcomic was her compromise between drawing and writing about her mental health. It helped her register how she was feeling at the time and helped her overcome some of the darkness. She loves to capture her struggling moments in a hilarious way in her drawings so that everyone can relate to them.

Credit: Buga Boo Monkey Comics

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#1. Not upset

#2. Refill

#3. Best meditation session ever

#4. Don’t Care

#5. Imagine

#6. Learning

After about 6 months of making comics, she decided to quit her job and freelance part-time so she could spend more time making and promoting how to deal with anxiety and stress through her comics. And now, her comics are well-known in the world of webcomics. Her omics cover a variety of topics, such as love, depression, self-reflection, and anxiety.

#7. Don’t Know

#8. So funny

#9. happy Brain

#10. Steps Count

#11. Cool Things

#12. Mad

#13. Get distracted

#14. Where is it?

#15. Why are you crying?

She claims that although it was initially uncomfortable to express her deepest ideas and worries through comic strips, the outcome of support and replies from others helped her realize how important it was to discuss mental health concerns and provide a realistic image of what they could look like. I hope all of you find her comics entertaining and relatable. I hope you have an amazing day.

#16. Being positive

#17. Brain just being brain

#18. So relatable

#19. Cute

#20. Life

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