20 Bubu Dudu Comics Shows Heartwarming Moments Happening in Love

Love is a universal experience, and seeing characters facing these moments in comics makes us feel that they draw on our own desires for affection and connection. We laugh or smile because we can relate to each other or to what we’ve experienced. A lot of love comics use comedy to improve emotional moments. Likewise, we present to you yet another excellent collection of comics.


The Instagram account Bubu Dudu Tales was started by a Chinese artist, Huang Xiao B. It features humorous slice-of-life tales with the lovable Bubu and Dudu characters, usually concentrating on themes of friendship, love, and humor. He is a brilliant illustrator who is well-known for his charming and realistic drawings. As a result, he now has 41,000 followers on Instagram, which is a huge audience. In the section that follows, we’ve collected his greatest comics.

Credit: Bubu Dudu Tales

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#1. Long Distance Relationship


#2. Not Feeling Well


#3. Drama Queen

#4. You are my view


#5. Favorite Color

#6. Whenever with You


His comics on Instagram always revolve around two characters, each with special characteristics and personalities. Dudu appears to be a naughty one, but Budu is a loving character. This gives the stories greater appeal and love, which increases their level of interest. Because of this, his audience loves and enjoys his comics.

#7. Best Therapy

#8. Sorry


#9. Cold

#10. Missing You


#11. Doing Yoga

#12. Love you


#13. Special Day

#14. Hug


#15. After a stressful day

His drawings offer realistic as well as amusing tales about Bubu and Dudu’s daily lives. The comic’s perspective on friendships, resolution of little difficulties, and enjoyment of warm moments all create an emotion that fans find appealing and comforting. If you think this comic strip is interesting, please share this blog and leave a comment. Have a great day.

#16. First Person


#17. Adorable

#18. Future


#19. want you every day

#20. Video Call


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