Here are 20 Unrelatable Comics by Freelance illustrator Brad Jonas




Brad Jonas, a talented freelance illustrator hailing from Oakland, California, has made a name for himself with his unique brand of humor in the form of unrelatable comics. With a knack for blending wit, absurdity, and relatability, Brad Jonas has amassed a considerable following on Instagram, boasting over 15,100 followers who eagerly await his next comedic creation. What sets Brad Jonas apart is his ability to find humor in the most unexpected and unconventional situations.

His comics often feature scenarios that, on the surface, may seem far-fetched or peculiar, yet they strike a chord with readers who recognize the underlying truth and relatability in these seemingly unrelatable moments. It is this delicate balance between the absurd and the familiar that makes Brad Jonas’ work so captivating. Brad Jonas’ artistic style is distinct and recognizable. His illustrations are characterized by clean lines, vibrant colors, and expressive characters. With each comic strip, he creates a sense of anticipation.

From mundane situations to mundane conversations, he finds humor in the ordinary and transforms it into relatable and entertaining comic strips. Through his sharp wit and observational skills, he highlights the absurdity and idiosyncrasies of human behavior, inviting readers to laugh at themselves and the world around them. Whether it’s humans, animals, or inanimate objects, each character is brought to life with a unique personality and charm. The visuals in Brad Jonas’ comics complement the humor and enhance the impact of the punchlines, delivering laughs and a sense of connection to his audience. So, join the growing community of Brad Jonas’ followers and prepare to be entertained by his unique blend of humor and relatability.

By clicking here, you can also indulge in some of his previous posts on boredcomics and experience more of his captivating work.

Credit: Brad Jonas

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#1. Travels

#2. Calendar day

#3. Goodboy

#4. Good morning

#5. Secret

#6. Outgoing

#7. Dumb comic

#8. Apologize

#9. Time to celebrate!

#10. Jesus!

#11. Pan cakes

#12. Something wrong?

#13. Finally, some good news

#14. Changes

#15. Coffee

#16. Vulva

#17. Light-hearted pranks

#18. Crystal ball

#19. You got this

#20. How old are you?

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