A Father Sums Up Friendship Between His Son and Family Dog (20 Comics)

Today we are going to talk about a father who is an […]

Today we are going to talk about a father who is an artist by profession. The artist lives with his wife and dog. But the birth of his son was a life-changing moment. He was fascinated by the bond forming between his young child and his dog. So, he takes the initiative to make comics about them. We have discussed them earlier on Bored Comics, which you can enjoy by simply visiting HereHere, And Here.

It might be extremely difficult to be a new parent. But brilliant father Nate Anderson discovered that his son was a never-ending source of creative inspiration. He follows the amusing journeys of his son Rowan and their family dog Murphy in his web comic series. The web comic series has the title Boy & Dog. This comic series is all about the silly moments that happen in his son and dog’s everyday lives.

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His comics mostly illustrate humorous scenarios inspired by Rowan and Murphy’s everyday exchanges. He captures the world through Murphy’s eyes, seeing the child’s activities and experiences as seen by the dog. He creates emotional and fascinating comics that brilliantly portray the happiness, love, and experiences that this special combination enjoys. His illustrations typically portray the surprise and simplicity of childhood in addition to the kind and energetic features of their animal companions.

#1. Ready For Story Time

#2. Go Fix It

#3. Just Like On the map


#4. Sorry for your loss

#5. Murphy finds his purpose

#6. Can Fix It


His cartoon drawings of Boy and Dog feature conversation, behaviors, and even a few dirty jokes between the dog and the little boy. The boy is learning everything for the first time, so he thought it would be the dog’s job to teach him everything from a dog’s perspective. He can tell hilarious stories and make people laugh with ridiculous experiences because of his sense of humor.

#7. You Missed It

#8. Smells Like Murphy

#9. That’s A Dragon Cave


#10. What are you doing?

#11. Feels Nice and so soothing

#12. The End


He and his college companions appeared in his debut serial, but they soon moved on and died off. He claimed to be mostly self-taught and that he dropped out of college after his first year. At the time, he was employed as a professional illustrator and designer. In his opinion, he gained more knowledge from his work in the field than from his professional education.

#13. Tummy Time

#14. This would have happened if we had not intervened

#15. Always Calls me


#16. This is what grandmothers do best

Rowan’s experiences as a small child become the central topic, perfectly expressing the wonder, innocence, and difficulties of this phase of development. The humor in his comic mostly comes from routine and relevant pet ownership and parenting experiences. Boy & Dog is a hilarious and touching comic that honors the unique relationship between kids and pets. That’s why it is certainly worth checking out.

#17. He likes to do this when we go to a restaurant

#18. Murphy is Batman


#19. Murphy will follow Rowan everywhere hoping for a treat

#20. Formally Request

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