A Cartoonist Giggles His Audience Only Through a Single Picture Paired with a Witty Caption (20 Comics)


Hey there, comic enthusiasts and humor aficionados! Today, let’s dive into the chuckle-filled world of “Bottom Liners,” the clever brainchild of the dynamic duo Eric and Bill Teitelbaum. A single picture paired with a witty, often ironic caption will make you grin from ear to ear. “Bottom Liners” isn’t just any comic strip; it’s a worldwide sensation syndicated by Tribune Content Agency, finding its way into more than 500 newspapers globally. That’s right, folks, it’s everywhere!

Since its debut back in 1995, “Bottom Liners” has been serving up laughter and wit to its dedicated readership. It’s like a mini-story in a single frame, packed with humor that speaks to everyday life and situations. And let me tell you, these guys know how to craft the perfect punchline. What’s the secret sauce, you ask? Well, it’s the way they capture life’s quirks and absurdities in a nutshell. Whether it’s poking fun at the daily grind, throwing a hilarious twist on a common saying, or just giving us a dose of pure, unadulterated irony, these comics have a knack for hitting the funny bone.

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#1. Move to Earth


#2. Loan

#3. Fund Raiser


#4. Pickle Ball Game

#5. Book


But how do these comedic geniuses conjure up these giggle-inducing snapshots of life? The magic lies in their ability to capture the essence of everyday situations and spin them into comedic gold. From the quirky nuances of human behavior to the absurdity of certain situations, they have a keen eye for the humor hidden in plain sight.

Inspiration strikes the Teitelbaum duo in various ways. Sometimes, a simple observation during a stroll or a random conversation can spark an idea. Other times, it’s the quirks of modern life or the timeless eccentricities of human nature that fuel their creativity. They take these nuggets of inspiration and transform them into the bite-sized brilliance that Bottom Liners fans adore.

#6. Trust Me

#7. Diagnosis


#8. Positions

#9. Side


#10. Hunter

Imagine the brainstorming sessions—two creative minds bouncing ideas off each other, trying to distill life’s absurdities into a single frame. It’s a delicate dance between artistry and storytelling, where every stroke of the pen and every word in the caption matter.

#11. Be Honest


#12. Payments

#13. Reasons


#14. Thicker than water

#15. Talent Agents


#16. Transportation

Their dedication and knack for tapping into the funny side of life haven’t gone unnoticed. The comic strip has not only tickled funny bones but has also bagged prestigious awards, including the illustrious National Cartoonists Society Reuben Award in 2009, a testament to their craft and wit. Bottom Liners isn’t just a comic strip; it’s a gateway to a world where humor is the language and irony is the currency. It’s a reminder that even in life’s most mundane moments, there’s a chuckle waiting to burst forth.

#17. Writers


#18. Examined

#19. Bakery


#20. Salad

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