20 Times Relatable Depictions of Girls Everyday Life by Bloome Comics

The talented female cartoonist Hanna Bloome is the creator of the web comic series Bloome Comics. She is a comic book artist who bases her works on the expectations and realities of everyday life for girls. In her comics, she primarily depicts herself as a character to help girls identify with the happenings that she describes. Her comics portray the realistic and sometimes amusing scenarios that a young woman experiences in her everyday life.

She is the female artist who creates relatable comics about the internet age, everyday life, and her experiences. She has a sizable following, with 126,000 followers on Instagram. Her drawings are based on various topics such as friendships, mental health, self-love, and everyday issues. Her comics are sure to resonate with girls who have ever faced such moments in their daily lives.

She is a brilliant Ukrainian artist who is a true master of what she has chosen to do. The artist is also excellent at capturing the highs and lows of everyday life. Her primary medium is two-panel comics. She depicts the expectations that girls have in one panel and the realities that most girls experience in the other. As she is also a female artist, she perfectly knows in which conditions a girl feels, and then she captures the same scenario.

Credit: Bloome Comics

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#1. Morning

#2. Self esteem

#3. So Relatable


#4. Periods on the way

#5. Struggle is real

#6. Trying To Sleep


#7. Periods

Her comics explore social media anxieties, the awkwardness of dating apps, and the struggles of adulting with a healthy dose of humor. She captures the little joys and frustrations of everyday life, mostly with a touch of humor and wit that makes you smile. Her clear emotions were conveyed through her body language and facial expressions. 

#8. Wet Hair Effect

#9. Midnight Talk


#10. Just Cold

#11. Applying Scrub

She was not born with a skill for painting in her hand, which is why she didn’t start drawing these hilarious comics at a young age. Instead, she is a self-taught artist who found this a stress-relieving creative activity. Her use of drawing as therapy allowed her to transform her own experiences into something that not only benefited her but also created an emotional connection with others.

#12. So Smooth


#13. Pimples Problems

#14. Who are You?

#15. Slowest Things


#16. Ever Happened with you?

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#17. Straight Hair

#18. True Story


#19. Night Owl

#20. Photo Album

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