20 Bill Boles Comics Based on Hilarious Situations and Dark Humor

We’re back today to talk about an Instagram account with the name Bill Boles. He is an outstanding artist who stays anonymous and is not very well-known. He is a talented and hardworking artist who enjoys sketching all the different things he sees in his daily life. The artist, who enjoys dark humor, is interested in the outcome of turning his drawings into comics, such as dark humor.

As a hobby, the artist began creating comics. He claims that gathering ideas for comics takes up the majority of his time. After finishing the drawing process, he discovered that Instagram was a useful social media platform for sharing his comics. Since he began posting his comics, he has gained 5,988 Instagram followers. All of this is a result of his effort and passion for comics. The following section features some of his best-known comics.

Credit: Bill Boles

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#1. Not me

#2. Tickle

#3. Trash


#4. Soup

#5. Retirement Troubles

#6. Alien Abduction


He is a comic artist who has become well-known for his dark humor and surprising endings. The artist mostly uses situations from his daily life to portray a dark sense of comedy. He uses a four-panel format for creating comics. He finds it challenging to find the time required to complete the work. As a result, he gave up on drawing comics after a few years.

#7. An artist

#8. Hilarious

#9. Queen


#10. Ever Experienced

#11. pills

#12. Toxic


#13. Welcome

#14. Bath Time

His comics are easy to read and perfect for an instant or daily laugh for anyone who likes dark humor. A sizable readership finds each strip to be sufficiently straightforward, and they look forward to his new comics. We always laugh with him because he so honestly expresses our thoughts and feelings. If you find this blog interesting, then do not forget to share and comment.

#15. So Little


#16. Movie

#17. Hot tub

#18. Pizza


#19. Drawing

#20. Friendly

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