Here are 20 Silly Comics Full of Sudden Twists by “Biased as Fluck”

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You all know the drill: comics about our lives are the best kind of media to watch when we’re at our most “bored” levels. These cartoons can transform our sadness into joy. Maybe silly comic sketches about the most arbitrary topics in life? If that’s what you’re after, “Biased as Fluck” here ought to be right up your alley. answering roll calls with the usual social anxiety, the arbitrary romantic lines introverts come up with, etc.


Biased as Fluck’s art style is simple and eye-catching, with bright colors and bold outlines that make each panel stand out. Their comics often feature stick-figure characters and simple backgrounds, but it’s their use of humor and sarcasm that sets them apart from other artists. Biased as Fluck’s comics are relatable, with many poking fun at the everyday struggles we all face, such as dealing with difficult coworkers or trying to navigate the world of dating.

With his unique style and witty commentary on everyday situations, Biased as Fluck has amassed a large following of 32,700 on Instagram and is quickly becoming a favorite among fans of silly comics. He has tackled topics such as anxiety and depression in a way that is both humorous and empathetic, making it easier for people to connect with and understand these issues. His approach has made his comics particularly popular among younger audiences, who appreciate their fresh and irreverent take on the world around them. You can check out his recent 20 illustrations in the next section. Have a great day!

Credit: Biased As Fluck

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#1. Elevator fart

image 284

#2. You can feel it

image 285

#3. All set!

image 286

#4. Domestic violence

image 287

#5. All day and do nothing

image 288

#6. If dieting was easy

image 283

#7. Unplug your devices when there’s a storm

image 289

#8. Is there a gun in your pant?

image 290

#9. I can help

image 291

#10. Why the grass is greener on the other side?

image 292

#11. Turning on the A.C

image 293

#12. Happy Meal

image 294

#13. Dying with OCD

image 295

#14. Heart Transplant

image 296

#15. The Roman Nurse!

image 297

#16. Out of shaving foam

image 299

#17. Different countries

image 300

#18. Cooking Scars

image 301

#19. Welcome to heaven

image 302

#20. Sea shells!

image 303

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