20 Bestie Comics Shows the Humorous World of Friendship

Bestie is a webcomic primarily found on Instagram under the handle @bestie_thecomic. It is a humorous web comic focusing on the often messy and hilarious world of friendship. It was created by a Norwegian cartoonist named Kenneth Larsen. She has a strong following on Instagram, with over 109,000 followers. She has also found success in print media, appearing in Norwegian and Swedish newspapers and comic magazines.


Her comic is known for its surprising elements and relatable characters. It was originally launched as a webcomic with strips in a four-panel format. It is more than just your average friendship comic. Sure, it features relatable situations and humorous takes on everyday life with your bestie, but Bestie doesn’t shy away from the sometimes messy realities of friendship either. You can check out her best collection of comics in the following section.

Credit: Bestie

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#1. Bartenders


#2. Let’s go out


#3. Plushie Life

#4. Find a job where you’re irreplaceable


#5. The friendship test

#6. Home made love


She finds inspiration for the comic in his own life, which gives it a real quality that appeals to readers. You’ll find yourself laughing loudly at scenarios that seem to have been lifted directly from your own experiences with friendship. She also accepts the flaws and unpleasant situations that happen in close friendships. 

#7. Be brave and stay safe

#8. Managing your Partner


#9. Double Gulp

#10. So inspiring


#11. Happy Valentine’s Day

#12. Rough day


#13. Secret place

#14. Hand Sanitizer


She focuses on everyday situations, but with her clever writing and artistic style, these situations transform into laugh-out-loud moments. If you’re looking for a comic that celebrates the joys and challenges of friendship in a refreshingly honest way, then Bestie comics are definitely worth checking out. We guarantee your time will be worth it to watch her comics. Have a great time.

#15. Some good advice

#16. April fool


#17. Toilet bowl

#18. Creative


#19. Angle

#20. Portrait


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