20 Benson Comics Shows Random Moments in a Relatable Way

Random situations are things that happen to almost all of us. We do not notice these situations on a regular basis, but when we see them in comics, we think in our minds that they happen to us as well. This is what an Instagram account named Benson Comics captures through his comics. He is an Indonesian artist famous for his humor and random situations. He mostly makes comics about his everyday life based on random situations.


His comics depend on visual humor, smart punchlines, and an honest look. He usually draws four-panel comics because, in her opinion, he can convey all of the comedy in just four panels. Also, he claims that people love to read four-panel comic strips. He keeps creating comics in his unique manner because of this. His Instagram following is 25,200. Enjoy some of his best comics.

Credit: Benson Comics

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#1. International Concerns


#2. Something Smells


#3. Deadly Storms

#4. Looking People


#5. Defective Model

#6. Frustration


The artist is not perfect at drawing, and he mostly draws his comics by hand. That’s why you can see his comics are not well designed and look so attractive. But due to his clever jokes, his comics are worth watching. The other reason is that he does not have a lot of free time to add extra details to his comics to make them look so attractive.

#7. Keep Going

#8. Panda Bitcoin


#9. Black Eye

#10. Not all Bad


#11. Grateful

#12. Introductions


#13. Ordering Lunch

#14. Splash


His comics are full of humorous scenarios and jokes with a hint of edge. His regular interactions on social media suggest that he talks with his followers, which might develop a feeling of connection. On his Instagram account, he primarily reads comments and occasionally responds to them. We hope you all liked his comic strips. Check out our website regularly for more comics of this kind, so that you can read fresh and amusing articles.

#15. Boring Day

#16. Upgrade


#17. Lemonade

#18. Complaints


#19. Jealous

#20. Come Back


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