Being a girl, This Cartoonist Draws her Daily Life Struggles (20 New Comics)

Being a girl, This Cartoonist Draws her Daily Life Struggles (20 New Comics)

Fun is not essential to being a woman. In actuality, the entire institution lacks a diploma. Every woman in the world deals with unforeseen difficulties, and of course, they do it by coming up with inventive explanations that many guys find hard to believe. Artist Amby Vaingankar uses her stunning illustrations to illustrate how a girl’s daily life may quickly turn from wonderful to horrible.

The Indian artist illustrates the grim truth of the struggles faced by women through her social media posts. Despite being funny, they accurately depict her daily life, her mother, and even her long-distance relationship with her partner. Since starting to illustrate more than 4 years ago, the artist has amassed 123,000 Instagram followers. My comics draw a lot of inspiration from her chaotic existence. The characters are representations of her closest friends and family.

Being a woman is definitely not simple. Is there anything girls don’t deal with, from physical difficulties to relationships? The artist Amby is always available to brighten your day, so know that you are not alone in your troubles, modern girls everywhere. We’ve gathered 20 of Amby’s most recent stories for you so you may share in her optimism, identify with them, and laugh out loud. These struggles and dramas can be related to!

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