20 Bee Booties Comics Perfectly Sums Up Moments From Everyday Life

Let me introduce you to the new web comic named BeeBooties. It was created by a rising star in the field of visual comedy, whose good name is Caroline Frumento. She offers a fresh perspective on the moments of everyday life on her Instagram account. On her Instagram account, she has a huge following of 119,000 fans. Her comics range about cats, daily life, the stupidities of human nature, and moments from everyday life.

Her account is filled with adorable, colorful illustrations, most of which are of cats. Comics by Frumento are renowned for their realistic stories, comedy, and adorable cat visuals. She frequently draws comics based on her personal experiences, including her battles with worry and self-doubt. She also draws comics about relationships, daily living, and the absurdities of life. In the next section, let’s explore her top 20 comics.

Credit: BeeBooties

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#1. Eye balls

#2. So cool

#3. Bedroom


#4. Hi

#5. Different Birds

#6. Two Donuts


She creates adorable illustrations and artwork, often featuring cats and whimsical themes. Her signature cartoony style, featuring expressive characters and captivating colors, further adds to the appeal of her work. It’s no wonder Bee Booties Comics has amassed a dedicated following online, resonating with readers through shared experiences and lighthearted humor.

#7. Not

#8. Tooth brush

#9. Warm spot


#10. Compliments

#11. Sharing

#12. Disco ball


#13. Grocery store

#14. life with cat

If you’re looking for some laughs and a fresh perspective on everyday life, Bee Booties Comics is definitely worth checking out. You can find her work on various platforms, including Instagram, Webtoon, and her own website. Hopefully, you like this blog. You can also find some of her earlier posts on our website by simply clicking here.

#15. Shoes


#16. look at this one

#17. don’t want

#18. not stopping


#19. Bake

#20. donate

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