20 Bedside Comics Full of Unexpected Twists and Hilarious Situations 

A well-known artist known for his web comic of the same name has an Instagram account titled Bedside Comics. He is the artist who enjoys taking unexpected turns and exploring the awkward nature of everyday life. This artist is the ideal illustration of how consistent work can lead to success. But never forget that you must continue. He had always aspired to be a cartoonist since he was a little youngster.

However, he limited his comic book drawing skills. Nevertheless, he persisted and began studying graphic design. But he is not able to get as many positive responses from people. That’s why he stopped making comics after some time. But we have compiled his best comics for you in the following gallery. If you want to enjoy these comics, then you must scroll down to the section below.

Credit: Bedside Comics

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#1. So nervous

#2. Scammed

#3. Take a feedback


#4. Cringe Alert

#5. Naughty and Dirty


#6. Want to be a programmer


His comics focus on unexpected panels at all times. There’s an unexpected joke in every panel. His four-panel comics, which have frequently focused on serious topics, depict humorous scenarios. His comics always look uninteresting at first, but the unexpected turn that comes in the next panel will have you laughing aloud.

#7. Loser


#8. Beautiful Day


#9. Happy Birthday


#10. Let’s Go


#11. Hilarious


#12. Real Quick

#13. So Bored

His comics revolve around the ordinary and emotional experiences of daily life. They frequently have a humorous and relaxing style that helps with your relaxation before bed. These simple but pleasant illustrations in this artist’s comics can be a wonderful way to relax before going to bed. Do not forget to share and leave a comment if you think his comics are amazing as well.

#14. Cold Area

#15. Murder the victim

#16. New Product

#17. What Happened?

#18. Bust a Gut

#19. Help

#20. Explode

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