20 Badly Doodled Comics Based on Conversations of a Father with His Son

You have seen many comics based on regular themes. But there are few artists who create comics about fatherhood. One of them is a brilliant Instagram account named Badly Doodled. It was created by a talented artist named Peter Rasmussen. He is the father of two children who share his experiences with people all over the world. He shows the humorous and heartwarming experiences of fatherhood through simple illustrations.

His comics always capture the funny things kids say and do. The challenges and joys of parenting and the unique bond between father and child are mostly shown in his adorable and wholesome comics. He currently has a small fan following of 1,270 followers on his Instagram account. If you are a father and want to enjoy some special and funny moments that happen with sons, then feel free to check out the following section.

Credit: Badly Doodled

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#1. What’s that building?

#2. Make Parents Tired

#3. Posing


#4. Listening Skills

#5. Me too

#6. Just ideas to consider


In 2014, he began this comic series to record his son’s quirky observations and logical statements. From lack of sleep and dirty playtime to touching moments of love and connection, his comics perfectly show the joy of fatherhood. People find his comics so amusing and relatable, and they are looking forward to the release of his new comics.

#7. Draw

#8. Some exciting observations about Chilies

#9. America Day


#10. Such a sad bedtime moment

#11. Classic Pokémon chat

#12. nothing better than live music


#13. Everyone is beautiful

#14. The real meaning behind the lyrics for Every Breath You Take by The Police

#15. Shopping with parents is so dull


Basically, he captures the hilarious and often bewildering experiences of fatherhood through the eyes of a humble dad and his even more basic-shaped child. Overall, parents of all types can relate to the challenges and joys depicted in the comics. If you’re a parent or just someone who wants to enjoy a good laugh, his comics are worth checking out. 

#16. Story

#17. halloween

#18. Food


#19. delicious looking

#20. Evolutionary Changes

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