20 Satirical Illustrations Known for Their Sharp Wit and Biting Humor

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Satirical illustrations are a form of art renowned for their sharp wit and biting humor. Satirical illustrations often incorporate clever wordplay and puns, which add an extra layer of humor and depth to the artwork. The juxtaposition of words and images can create unexpected and comical connections. Irony and sarcasm are common tools in satirical illustrations. They allow the artist to convey their message in a sharp and incisive manner while keeping the audience engaged and entertained.


These illustrations are often characterized by their clever and often humorous commentary on various aspects of society, politics, and human behavior. Through a combination of visuals and witty wordplay, satirical illustrations aim to provoke thought, challenge the status quo, and, of course, make us laugh. We have compiled a new collection of comics for you in the following section. Scroll down and enjoy these comics.

Credit: Astutillo Smeriglia

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#1. Why don’t you shave it?

image 729

#2. Zombies

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#3. How do you know?

image 730

#4. Stay Away

image 731

#5. Plan for the future

image 732

#6. Christmas

image 733

Astutillo Smeriglia is a master of satirical illustrations, known for his sharp wit and biting humor. His work stands in a league of its own when it comes to using art as a tool for social commentary and satire. Astutillo Smeriglia has an Instagram account with the handle @a_smeriglia. The account has over 37,100 followers and has posted 448 times. Astutillo Smeriglia’s Instagram account features photos and videos related to his creative work, including comics and illustrations.

#7. Believe it

image 734

#8. Great Achievements

image 735

#9. Exhibitionism

image 737

#10. Illegal Immigration

image 736

#11. Reliable Horoscope

image 738

#12. Let’s Face the Future

image 739

#13. Shooting

image 740

#14. Wild Nights

image 741

Smeriglia’s work often deals with social and political issues and is known for its sharp wit and biting humor. His illustrations carry a punch, challenging conventional wisdom and provoking thought and discussion. They often expose the absurdity and hypocrisy that can be found in various aspects of our lives, inviting viewers to question and reflect on the world around them. His wit is often biting, offering a sardonic take on the state of society. Yet, it’s precisely this acerbic humor that makes his work so powerful. Satire, after all, has long been a tool for both critique and change, and Smeriglia’s illustrations follow in this tradition.

#15. Not That Picky

image 742

#16. Diseases

image 743

#17. It’s his Fault

image 744

#18. May I make a suggestion?

image 745

#19. What’s you name?

image 746

#20. Three Wishes

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