Artist Visualizes A Little Mermaid Living In The XXI Century, And It is Sad

In recent days, the seas have been clear. Only wooden ships crossed, and very rarely, large-scale floating timber carrying hundreds of people. It should be good in the little trash that throws the mermaids of the past into the oceans. Even if people throw them away, they will dissolve over time and will not hurt anyone.

But today’s oceans are hardly inhabited. Even so, this modern mermaid loves to spend time with humans. A beautiful, controversial story about the daily life of a mermaid, with two boys at the same time in a plastic bag, living in the modern age with two boys trying to change the world.

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#1 Game Time

#2 tangled 3

The artist draws on every comic on the subject of plastic pollution and its effects on the sea. By drawing a rude and disgusting modern mermaid, followers can quickly imagine what it feels like to live near cities. Still, at the same time, the artist manages to crush Comics even with such a depressing theme!

#3 Hairnet

#4 Fruits

Available on Taps, fans can always go there to help the creators by reading for free. The funny thing is, but sadly, most of the fans are talking about these comics. Needless to say, every comic that comes out brings awareness of how bad we are at the moment.

#5 Trash and treasure

Did you see what love is See the author for help with tapes or patreon? If depression is your jam, be sure to check it out.

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