Artist Creates Unpredictable Side-Splitting 16 Comics That Are Both Dark And Funny

Comics have been around us for a long time. It is these magazines or strips that present different types of stories. Mainly, the genre of comics, in general, are adventure, horror, romance, etc. One of the most famous comic series is Marvel Comics. The first Marvel comic was published in 1939, and they are still up to date and in high demand for them.

But not many had the ability to publish their comics. Today, that has changed. In today’s contemporary world, we have social media. Sharing or posting is no more difficult than wearing clothes. And it’s a great thing for comic writers. Along with technological advancements in the arts, artists are now using digital art to create comics, making the whole experience more fun and immersive.

Comics or comics often follow a similar story and the ending is easier to predict before you even get there. But some artists have the creative mind to create extremely unpredictable comics. And one of those artists is Raph, who lives in Melbourne, Australia.

The unpredictability comes from the way he ends his comics on a note that no one expects. And, if I’m honest, his comics have a slightly dark nature, but he has a genuine knack for making them funny, and the end result is a lot of fun.

It is time for you to be the judge of your work. Scroll down to see some of Raph’s creations.

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