Artist Creates Comics That Could Make Your Day Better (30 New Photos)

Everyone needs something to make their day a little better, and 4 stylishly illustrated squares per day can make your blues go away. So here’s a comic that could do just that!

“Say Hey Simon” comics are smooth and harmless, accessible and understandable for all ages and social groups, and beautifully illustrated. “When it comes to topics, I have almost no limits. Everything should be included from climate change to everyday situations and completely absurd moments. But I usually try to give the reader a little message on their way,” said Simon.

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“I actually wanted to start animating videos [2 years ago]. During that time I drew more than ever, discovered my own style of drawing, and developed a kind of discipline to work on it every day. I wasn’t happy with that. No, It wasn’t until the summer that I came up with the idea of trying my hand at my own comics, I found it really fun because I was able to realize my crazy ideas even more than ever in my own way.

It wasn’t until this summer that I spontaneously got the idea to draw my own comics. Soon I had enough crazy ideas to start drawing. I’ll keep going until I fall off my chair, haha.

“My main goal is to make people’s cheeks dance, as I always call it. I want to make people happy, but sometimes also make them think about certain issues (for example, climate change).”



“I really enjoy drawing because I have a sense of inner peace and at the end of the day it gives me a nice feeling that I have created something on my own. I also get a lot of great reactions every day from people who take the time to read my comics, so how could I stop there?” Simon finds inspiration in many things, but as many artists tell us, his main inspiration comes from his fans and viewers.

Here are some tips from Simon. “Start drawing. Every beginning is hard. Draw the things you enjoy without thinking whether others will like it or not.”



This is how Simon describes himself. “Haha, like Spiderman. I’m the normal guy with a normal neighborhood life who didn’t get bitten by a spider but woke up one morning and decided to draw comics. So I could humbly say that my little superpower is putting a smile on your face.” from the people”.

“I’ve been drawing since I was a kid,” said Simon. “But I’ve never done it continuously as I do now. I think the hardest thing is to tell a story with as little text as possible, always knowing that I only have 4 panels per comic available.”



“I would describe my style as humorous, colorful, and uplifting. As for my humor, I think my humor is quite silly and also sarcastic,” Simon said of his art style.

“I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who actually takes the time to read a normal guy’s comics with his normal neighborhood life. That means a lot to me.”
























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