Artist Creates 20 Funny Comics That Relatable To Socially Awkward People




Artist Jane Zei creates hilarious comics dealing with socially awkward people. “The Pigeon Gazette” is a webcomic created by artist Jane Zei that perfectly captures what a socially awkward person has to go through every day. The Jane comic follows a nerdy girl in all sorts of social situations that all socially awkward people will find painfully relatable.

In her words “I have always considered the dove the perfect and compassionate metaphor for the humble average human being. You see pigeons every day, monotonous and gray, dirty with city dust, pecking at crumbs, wandering aimlessly in flocks, afraid of your feet. They are often dismissed as just another urban vermin with little grace, intelligence, or purpose to them. But if you look more closely, if you really take the time to observe their existence, you notice the delicate patterns in their plumage.”

Scroll down and have fun. Check out his Instagram account for more amazing work.

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