Artist Create Terrible Boss Comics That Most People Working In An Office

Artist Create Terrible Boss Comics That Most People Working In An Office

Alexander Dyakov, 29, has been involved in office work. And I’m not talking about a hit TV show. Alexander is working in one and about 6 months ago a new way to solve his daily worries has emerged. Humor Although the Russians had no real artistic background, he decided that a typical office worker would begin to exemplify the day-to-day struggles, and that people would find themselves and their colleagues among the relevant comedians. Quickly started watching.

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I never took drawing lessons, when I was a student, I used to edit photos for internet shops and the idea of telling something with the help of cartoon drawing came to me about half a year and a half ago. I drew “neutral” stories, made pictures of a cartoonish cat and made a series of short funny comics. I did not succeed but I got some drawing experience. And then I made sova an owl, (sova in Russian means alva). This is a satirical web comic where the office boss makes wrong and sometimes ridiculous decisions.



After graduating from university, I was working in different companies in the business, the artist said. “Throughout my career, I was a storekeeper, an assistant, a sales manager, but I worked most of the time as a purchasing manager. I reached out as the head of the purchasing department. I had to use it at work. But most of the time I worked in the office. Throughout this time, I talked to a lot of superiors and subordinates. And one day I realized that working in modern companies The relationship is not so simple.My drawing ideas are based on my personal experience of almost 90 times.























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