Artist Create 20 wholesome comics about a mage who’s all about friendship

‘Meet your favorite hero friendship mage, something you haven’t heard of yet. ‘Created by Martin Rosner, the creative artist behind the hot paper comics, this fighter in the blue hat is everything, you guessed it, friendship’. And although Martin’s artistic background consists only of photographing him in his spare time, he can find as much adventure as this beautiful character. From her student’s guidance to finding inner peace, I’m sure these strips will put a smile on your face.

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I describe my style in a very minimalist way, with a bit of color and amateur linework, its strips remind us of war and Pea or C-Cassandra which makes them really compact. I do comedy in 3-4 panels because that’s usually enough to tell my joke or story.




I cover humor and mental health topics. I avoid current political issues. I like to talk about humor and mental health, and politics is not the only thing I enjoy.

As the young Croatian has begun to create comic, he has had the opportunity to speak with many cool writers who have really helped him develop as an artist.
















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