Artist Create 20 Hilarious Comics About A Certain Girl’s Daily Life Struggles

At the time when the pandemic struck, our lives were turned upside down. It was a blessing for the introverts to be alone for days without being asked. But washing hands with masks is now a nuisance. Then, a special girl is taking one day at a time and turning them all into comics.

The girl is Amby, who loves art and uses things that happen in her daily life as her comic stories. Ambrata Vaingankar loves to make comics and even edit his pictures with his drawings. His comic Instagram account now has 108k followers where he humorously narrates stories in his daily life. Indian artist dreams of earning a living by making comics and quit 9-5 jobs!

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amby has also published on his comics webtoon! His comic so quirky, unusual, and unexpected that you’ll be sure to take a turn for the worse. The Financial Accounting Graduate also has a Patreon page where she lets loyal clients go to some special comics and get to know Amby personally.








Amby is looking for a day job that pays “crap” at an international travel firm. She says thankfully the chair rotates there. She also loves pizza and Game of Thrones Season 8 ruined her. Fun fact: comcis was an idea suggested by his predecessor.












Anyway, at least we didn’t go down without explaining ourselves first. No one likes to be forced into a job where you can’t put your whole life into it.

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