ARtist create 20 Comics Depicting Silly And Awkward Situations In Everyday Life

As a kid, I used to love a dog, so I draw and wrote comics about a girl and her dog. When I was in high school, I used to draw and write comics about my friends and the boys I was crushed on. After high school, I stopped comic for a long time. Why can’t I put my finger on it, but I focused on a lot of things in my teens.

In 2019, the local bar / arcade hosted a comics contest for Halloween. I entered and was described as “extremely horrible” about a comic dentist who pulled out the teeth of an unwanted patient before putting them in his mouth. Great, right?

My first comic drawing in years was the spark that revived my love of art. From there, I started drawing comics based on Penny Pokemon and then eventually painted comics about my daily life. After several weeks of drawing a character that looks very much like myself, I came up with my own green haired space bun design and the rest is a kind of history.

My best thoughts always come to me when I’m asleep – I think the human brain is weird when it’s awake and asleep (and a little bit healthy).

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The Wolf
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