Artist Create 20 Comics About The Afterlife And Death

Burley launched his web comics about later life earlier this year but has come a long way since then. Grinding only grabs your attention with its tagline – “perpetuating everyday life in the afterlife” – but it doesn’t disappoint when you start scrolling. It presents an interesting, well-developed character, including the hot rapper, Satan, and even God, challenging our beliefs about death and everything that comes with it.

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My background is in graphic design, but I am more focused on vector based designs (like logos and icons). To gain more experience with digital drawing and related tools, I decided to start web comics.

The series is about making fun of “a day in the lives of later residents, hence the name”. The author says that it includes everything from the resentment of working as a death to the wrath of hell.




Burley himself has not yet figured out what to expect from life. “In my comics, I imagine it passes through the earth like people glancing at so glamorous and daily grinders. Is that really so? Let’s not hope.”

The artist wanted to use this opportunity to inspire everyone who has a good idea of ​​cartoons, if you like web comics and want to try your own creation go for it! The best advice I can give is to just start pulling and sharing your stuff. Everything else eventually falls into place.
















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