Artist Create 18 Comics Of Two Hilarious Cats That will Crack You Up

Cats are the best. They are funny. If you have a cat, […]

Cats are the best.
They are funny. If you have a cat, you know who I’m talking about. Of course, they don’t break jokes to make you laugh. They won our hearts with their lovely and stupid shenanigans. They may not know it, but they inadvertently make our day. Sometimes they run around and slip in ridiculous ways and we’ll think about it for the next few hours with a smile on our faces. Cats instantly mingle with you or lighten your mood by making silly things around the house. They know how to increase the energy of the whole house. So, we love everything about the cat because it can inspire us.

So, today, we have some comics for you that focus on the conversation between two characters: cat and cat. These comics are described by the artist as comics for those who love cats, those who hate them, and even those who are neutral. So whatever category you belong to, scroll down and enjoy:

Credit my imaginary













It sounds a little lame, but they’re still funny. And if cats can talk, I’m sure that’s the kind of conversation they’ll have. I wish cats could talk though. I will be able to understand why my cat is crying at 4 in the morning. Or maybe I don’t want to know, because he’s looking straight into a dark corner. Oh well. Scroll down for the rest of the comics:













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