Artist Captures The Precious Fleeting Moments Of Life With His Wife, Kid, And Dog (20New Pics)

Have you seen a series of fascinating examples about a family and their dog on the Internet? The ‘Joya’s Bundle’ series went viral last year and is still loved by thousands of people.

Comics book artist and creator, Erez  Zadok, says that since then, things have changed a bit – a daughter after May, Lena, his beloved wife, and his life is even more colorful. In this new series, Erez is sharing all the happy (and tiring) moments of parenting. Although Joya is not yet the focal point, she always has something to say wherever she goes. Or bark

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Erez’s initial goal and challenge in creating his art along with his independent career is to keep his mind creative as he explains: An artist is usually commented on by others, in my case This is why I decided to create my own stories based on true events in my life. One of the reasons is that after reading all the great reactions from people all over the world, I It’s great to know, especially to know that this is my pure creation. Also, I recommend every artist to stay creative. Creativity is like going to the gym – in the beginning, it’s hard Keep going, practice and perseverance show.


Erezs shares that one of the many advantages of creating his own weekly cartoon on Instagram is following your kid’s development: “Now and then, I can look at my Instagram account and time At the same time, I can follow May’s progress and I know more than that.




















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