20 Times Artist Juliette Shows Everyday Life and Her Personal Experiences

Today, we are back with another artist who creates comics about her everyday life and experiences. Art by Juliet is the web comic of a French illustrator named Juliette, who creates humorous comics about her everyday life. Her art style is simple but expressive, and her comics often touch on relatable topics like relationships, work, and relatable humor.

Juliette lives in Paris and creates illustrations, comics, and other artistic content. Her style is often described as whimsical, charming, and sometimes humorous. She frequently depicts everyday life, relationships, and personal reflections in her work. By doing so, she is able to reach an audience of 90,500 followers on her Instagram account. If you want to enjoy her comics, then keep scrolling. We guarantee her comics are worth watching.

Credit: Art by Juliet

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#1. Weird Voice

#2. So proud

#3. Teach Me


#4. Nails

#5. Life with cat

#6. Humanity’s Sake


She usually creates four-panel comics, and her comics are always relatable to her audience. She says that the main purpose of making such comics is to make people laugh and remind them that they are not alone in facing such situations. That’s why she has such a loyal audience on her social media platforms.

#7. New Born

#8. Relatable

#9. Awake


#10. Welcomed

#11. Cleaning

#12. Adult Skill


#13. Boyfriend’s Sister

#14. How can I help you?

#15. Message


Juliette usually explores everyday challenges and feelings in her art in a way that connects with audiences. Her drawings are characterized by their passionate characters, bright hues, and smooth lines. Even though not all of Juliette’s artwork is humorous, she has a talent for incorporating lighthearted commentary and humor into her artwork. Juliette’s work feels personal, offering glimpses into her own thoughts, experiences, and creative journey. Feel free to click here to view some of her earlier work.

#16. Cold

#17. So Cute

#18. Natural Makeup


#19. Water Fountain

#20. So Late

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