20 Times an Artist Creates Silly and Occasionally Funny Comics to Make You Smile

In a world brimming with diverse sources of entertainment, everyone has their […]

In a world brimming with diverse sources of entertainment, everyone has their own unique way to find joy and laughter. However, in recent times, there has been a noticeable shift towards comics as a favored medium for humor and amusement. Comics offer a delightful blend of visuals and witty narratives that captivate readers and viewers alike. The appeal of comics lies in their ability to deliver quick, bite-sized doses of humor that are easily digestible in our fast-paced lives.

Many comic artists are keen observers of the world around them. They often draw inspiration from everyday life, whether it’s an overheard conversation, a quirky character they meet, or a mundane situation turned extraordinary. Observing human behavior and the absurdities of daily life can be a wellspring of comic ideas. Similarly, we have been able to find a new artist for you in order to make you smile.

Credit: Annet Planet

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#1. Meeting

#2. Multi-Tasking

#3. Finishing a great book


#4. Saying No

#5. Different Moods

#6. Dressing


Annet Planet Comics is a comic series created by Anna Bach Valls, an artist based in Barcelona. The artist’s journey into creating these delightful comics often starts with a spark of inspiration. It could be a simple observation, a quirky encounter, or a whimsical thought that strikes her fancy. What sets her apart is her ability to transform these everyday moments into amusing and relatable comic strips. Through her comics, Anna’s mission is clear: to make you smile. Her work reminds us that humor can be found in the most unexpected places.

#7. Book Reading

#8. Normal Picture

#9. Virtual vs Real Life


#10. That was great

#11. Perks of a fancy office

Anna’s life is a tale of striking contrasts. By day, she immerses herself in the dynamic world of the tech industry, serving as a product analyst. This role offers her a front-row seat to the fast-paced, ever-evolving realm of technology. She witnesses firsthand the exhilaration of innovation, but she’s equally aware of the everyday grind that often accompanies it. By night, Anna assumes the identity of Annet Planet. This creative alter ego is the embodiment of her artistic aspirations. Drawing inspiration from the tapestry of her daily life, she crafts comics that brim with silliness, humor, and occasionally a touch of the absurd.

#12. Only Doing!


#13. Weekend

#14. Relatable

#15. Stop being nice


#16. Good Progress!

Anna’s journey has been anything but linear. She studied mathematics and computer science at the university, showcasing her analytical and logical sides. But her heart longed for the world of creativity and self-expression. Through her artistic endeavors, she seamlessly blends her mathematical precision with her artistic sensibility, resulting in comics that are both amusing and intellectually engaging. By doing so, she has been able to gather an audience of 40,100 on her Instagram account. Through her work, she invites us to find joy in the mundane and celebrate the silliness of life.

#17. Changing Jobs

#18. Don’t belong here


#19. Tourism

#20. Seasonal Work

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