20 Anjali Comics Shows Adorable Moments Happening in a Couple’s Relationship

Anjali Comics is an Instagram account created by Anjali Srivastava. She is an artist who illustrates the comical aspects of everyday life in a couple’s relationship. Her illustrations feature relatable and often amusing moments from her relationship with her partner. She started drawing comics about her relationship at the suggestion of her partner, and her work has found a wide audience who can identify with the situations she depicts.

She draws comics about her everyday life, especially her romantic adventures. Her comics have amassed a sizable internet following of 79,000 people since they are recognized for being amusing and meaningful. Her partner’s experiences are used as inspiration for all of her comics. If you are a couple, you will need to scroll down to see the next gallery. You will undoubtedly claim that these things also happen to us after viewing her comics.

Credit: Anjali Comics

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#1. House Hunting

#2. My patience level when She doesn’t reply

#3. Creep Alert


#4. Break Time

#5. Travel Plans

#6. Always together in thick and thin


She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in the arts and has always loved drawing and reading comics. Based on this foundation, she is able to create visually appealing and organized graphics for her comics. Her husband wanted her to show off her creative skills to the wider world. After seeing his passionate response to her first comics, Anjali decided to open her Instagram account to share her work with a wider audience.

#7. Practicing

#8. Me when I see him wearing a loose t-shirt

#9. take as much as you want


#10. Happy Birthday

#11. Breakups

#12. Love till death


#13. A hug without squeeze is like a burger without cheese

The cute and hilarious scenarios that couples experience on a daily basis are the main subject of Anjali’s comics. Anjali Comics has built herself up as a well-known personality on Instagram. People around the world find themselves smiling at the scenarios she portrays, which is a result of her timely humor. Just click here and here to view her previous posts on our website.

#14. There are some movies that not only touch your heart but also touch your soul

#15. What a shot


#16. Never lose a guy who takes care of you like this

#17. Cut Hair

#18. Where is my towel?


#19. Cockroach

#20. Never trust your girl when its comes to food

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