20 Angry Girl Comics Shows Silly Situations That Happen in Everyday Life

Today we are back to discuss another artist who is well known for creating comics related to girls. Angry Girl Comics is a web comic known for the everyday struggles of women. Vicky is the talented artist behind this web comic. Her comics are relatable and often lighthearted, but they also cover situations that happen in everyday life. It is a web comic that deals with the everyday struggles of girls.


She currently has an audience of 7,142 followers on her Instagram account. Her comics deal with the everyday frustrations and anger of a young girl, often in a humorous way. She usually portrays herself as the main character in her comics. Her comics are always entertaining and never fail to amuse her fans. We have collected her best collection of comics for you in the following section. If you want to enjoy them, then keep scrolling.

Credit: Angry Girl Comics

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#1. The truth


#2. Stronger


#3. Pick up a rhythm

#4. Vocabulary


#5. Normal Life

#6. Play to much


It is a comic strip that began a few years ago. After she graduated from college, she worked at her Parents’ dry cleaners. To pass the time between the busy morning drop-off and after-work pick-up, she starts creating comics. After getting a positive response from people, she continued making comics. Now, she is an expert at capturing situations in a hilarious way.

#7. Wonderful Weather

#8. Delivery


#9. Greatest Talents

#10. Like to hear


#11. Gym

#12. Insomniac


#13. Valentine’s Day

#14. Lifting at the gym


#15. Realized

Her comics are popular for their relatable humor that captures the awkwardness and struggles of young adulthood. She features relatable characters and uses a simple but expressive art style. The comics often deal with themes of social anxiety, introversion, and the struggles of everyday life. She captures all these situations in a perfect way to amuse her audience. If you enjoy her comics, then don’t forget to comment about your favorite one in the comment section.

#16. No personality


#17. Not now

#18. Best feeling ever


#19. Buy

#20. Watching a movie


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