20 Alloy Comics Shows Experiences with Married Life and Parenthood

Alloy Comics is a well-known web comic that depicts marriage and parenting. It was created by a duo of artists, Joy Lin and Nohra Johnston. Joy Lin is a writer, and Nohra Johnston is an illustrator. Their comics focus on the couple’s relationship, their experiences with married life, and parenthood. Their comics are known for their relatable humor and honest portrayal of everyday struggles.


Alloy comics are famous for showing the lives of the couple, who live in Austin, Texas. The artists use humor to depict the challenges and joys of marriage and parenthood. Joy Lin is a female writer who works as a math and science teacher by day but captures her creativity at night as a comedian and screenwriter. They currently have an audience of 3,184 followers on Instagram. Let’s explore some of their best comics.

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#1. Kids


#2. Kiss


#3. Sixty Two

#4. Dysfunctional


#5. upgrade

#6. Availability


Nohra Johnston brings Joy’s stories to life with her visuals. Nohra’s passion for comics and cartoons likely shapes her engaging and humorous art style. They always explore the couple’s dynamic, navigating challenges and celebrating joys together. Basically, most of the comics are based on the experiences they faced in their everyday lives.

#7. Burrito

#8. Scar


#9. Cheese Burger

#10. WTF


#11. Flight

#12. Nose Poke


#13. Baby’s guide

They use humor to depict everyday situations, making their struggles with marriage and parenthood relatable and funny. Their comics show an honest look at the ups and downs of married life and parenthood, making their comics even more relatable. If you are a parent or married, you can relate to their comics. For more such comics, simply click here and here.

#14. Coupon


#15. Yoga Prose

#16. Destination


#17. Paternity

#18. Cuteness


#19. Racist

#20. Wearing red


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