20 Times This Artist Depicts Weird and Unexpected Situations to Make You Giggle

In a world filled with predictability and constant stress, the element of surprise found in comics can be a refreshing and therapeutic experience. These unexpected twists and turns can break the monotony, making us giggle and momentarily forget the weight of our daily responsibilities. However, while comics bring joy and amusement, it’s important to remember that life’s unpredictability isn’t always as lighthearted. Real-life surprises can be both joyous and saddening, underscoring the complex and sometimes bittersweet nature of existence.

The element of surprise is an essential ingredient in a successful comic book. Creators play with readers’ expectations, subverting clichés and established conventions to deliver an ending that catches them off guard. This unexpected twist forces readers to reevaluate the story, often leading to laughter as they appreciate the cleverness of the creators. If you want to enjoy these comics, then click here or scroll down to the section below.

Credit: Alex Krokus

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#1. Elders

#2. Doctor Visit

#3. Coming of age

#4. Prank YouTube

#5. News

Finding moments of laughter and surprise can be a true delight. And when it comes to providing that unexpected humor, artist Alex Krokus has mastered the art of it. With an impressive following of 142,000 on Instagram, Krokus has carved a niche for himself in the world of comics, where he weaves weird and unexpected situations into his artwork to make his followers giggle. But how did he get started in the world of comics, and where does he find inspiration for his offbeat and often hilarious creations? Let’s dive into the world of Alex Krokus to find out.

#6. Game

#7. Family Feud

#8. Summer Comic

#9. Plant Therapy

#10. Get Stressed

Alex Krokus’ journey into the world of comics began like many artists, with a passion for drawing and a vivid imagination. He’s a self-taught artist who decided to combine his love for illustration with his innate sense of humor. What started as a hobby eventually transformed into a thriving career, gaining him a dedicated fan base.

#11. Job

#12. Uninhibited

#13. Aliens

#14. Date

#15. Book Guy

#16. Motivational Comic

#17. Life of a meme

One of the most intriguing aspects of Krokus’ work is the source of his inspiration. Unlike some artists who draw from personal experiences or deep emotions, Krokus finds his ideas in the everyday and mundane. He observes the world around him with a keen eye, always on the lookout for those peculiar moments that can be transformed into comic gold. Whether it’s a quirky interaction he witnesses on the street or a random thought that pops into his head, Krokus has a knack for spotting the oddities that make life interesting.

#18. Doctor

#19. Crush

#20. Empaths

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