20 Short and Humorous Comics That Are Often Based on Nonsensical and Absurd Situations

Life is an exciting adventure. Sometimes, all it takes to lift your spirits is to read a silly cartoon online, which, if done correctly, can be a pleasurable experience. However, there are ways to deal with low times, such as keeping your head up and laughing it off. Because of his unique works, Instagram artist Jon Baker has amassed a following of 50,000 people.

His art style is a tapestry woven with bold, vibrant colors and playful, humorous themes, resonating with audiences globally. Jon’s relationship with cartoons spans a lifetime, evolving from an affection for them into a passion for creation. His decision to scribble comic strips during commutes and idle moments stemmed from a desire to infuse joy into otherwise mundane times. For Jon, boredom isn’t wasted time; it’s a canvas for inspiration and a wellspring for ingenuity.

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Credit: Alarmingly Bad

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#1. Go Fast

#2. Demons

#3. Lunch

#4. Cost Cutting

#5. Rise & Shine

The humor infused in Jon’s creations sets them apart, infusing life and vibrancy into his cartoons. Initially met with minimal attention, Jon persisted, experimenting until he found his artistic niche. His art, showcased under the moniker ‘Alarmingly Bad,’ spans a wide spectrum, from cuddly characters to surreal landscapes. Yet, what truly distinguishes Alarmingly Bad is its ability to connect with audiences through irreverent humor, often teetering between the silly and the profound.

#6. Cruelty Fund

#7. Compatibility

#8. Juiced

#9. Observation

#10. Mastered

The genesis of an artist’s ideas is a fascinating territory. For Jon, inspiration sprouts from the seemingly mundane: the wait at a bus stop, the lull of a train ride, or even a quiet moment in a bustling café. These instances serve as fertile ground for his imagination, where everyday observations blend with a playful perspective to birth whimsical characters and scenarios. “Life is a canvas, and every moment presents an opportunity for inspiration,” Jon muses. “It’s not about seeking grandeur; it’s about cherishing the beauty in the ordinary, the humor in the banal.”

#11. Shark Fight

#12. Changed

#13. Daddy Long Legs

#14. Picked

Motivation, for Jon, is a multifaceted gem. Beyond personal joy, it’s about the shared experience—the ability to evoke laughter or a smile from someone halfway across the globe. “We’re all passengers on this wild journey called life,” he says. “If my art can be a brief stop where people find solace or joy, then that’s the greatest motivation of all.”

#15. Unspeakable

#16. The Hunt

#17. Java

What sets Alarmingly Bad apart is its delightful ability to blur the lines between the expected and the absurd. It’s a universe where a talking coffee cup debates existentialism with a bewildered cat, or where gravity takes a vacation, allowing elephants to float skyward with balloons tied to their trunks. There’s an inherent depth in this seemingly whimsical chaos. Through humor and whimsy, Jon taps into universal truths, touching on the human condition, societal quirks, and the beauty of imperfection.

#18. Introspection

#19. Barbie

#20. Stitches

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