20 After Death Comics Features Darkly Humorous Afterlife Situations

There’s a popular web comic series called After Death Comics by artist […]

There’s a popular web comic series called After Death Comics by artist Aidee Sea. It features darkly humorous and often surreal takes on the afterlife, with characters like Grim Reapers and ghosts navigating the bureaucracy of the beyond. It is a web comic that deals with the theme of what happens after we die. This can include everything from lighthearted stories about heavenly vacations to more serious situations on grief and loss.

Aidee Sea has 61,300 followers on Instagram, demonstrating the wide public appeal of her comedy. Despite being humorous, these comics have a deeper meaning since they make readers reflect on the meaning of life in the shadow of death. The imaginatively rich drawings wonderfully depict the quirky and occasionally terrifying afterlife areas. The comics add another level of wit to the already darkly humorous situations presented, paired with sharp and clever dialogue. Let’s explore his best 20 comics in the next section.

Credit: After Death Comics

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#1. Book Club

#2. Motivational

#3. Christmas Ring


#4. Ghost

#5. My Turn

#6. Soul Stone


Her comics are a delightful and darkly humorous take on the afterlife, featuring a captivating cast of characters navigating the sometimes bizarre and often hilarious realities of the afterlife. Her art style is expressive and cartoony, with a quirky charm that perfectly complements the offbeat humor of her comics. The artist’s comics always go viral and amuse her true fans.

#7. We will be back in an hour

#8. Demon King

#9. Quick Quest


#10. Demon Army

#11. Rocket Home

#12. How to draw


#13. Web

#14. Last One

Sea enjoys creating suspense for her audience by using plots that frequently take unexpected turns. You could be laughing at a skeleton one moment and an angry Grim Reaper the next. After Death Comics offers an entertaining and humorous perspective on death that is well worth exploring. Be advised that you may find yourself laughing so much that you forget you’re dead. All it takes to enjoy more is to click this link.

#15. Starfish have no blood or brain


#16. Best Friend

#17. Wish Speed

#18. Missing You


#19. Mind Control

#20. Animal Detectives

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