Cartoonist Rubi Shows Her Experiences With Her Dogs (20 Comics)


For thousands of years, dogs and humans have been companions, forming a special and deep bond. Dog owners have a sense of universality because of this shared past. A wide range of people can relate to the stories and feelings in comics that portray these experiences, regardless of whether they are pet owners or not. That’s why we bring you an adorable collection of such comics to make your day better.

Adventures of Rubi translates from Hungarian and is the name of a website and brand created by a talented artist, Rebeka. She is the owner of two adorable dogs, Rubi and Alfi. Rebeka’s artistic talent shines through in her creation of long and heartwarming comics depicting the adventures of her dogs. She has 27,100 followers on her Instagram account. If you are also a pet lover, be sure to check out the following section.

Credit: Adventures of Rubi

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#1. Walking Rubi vs walking Alfi


#2. Taking photos

#3. Play time


#4. Steal Shoe

#5. Weekend


#6. Shopping

Both Rubi and Alfi are amazing characters. Rubi has a sweet, shy personality. Alfi is bold and aggressive and never fails to express her desires. It’s difficult not to want them to be together because of their unique personalities, which offer countless hours of fun. The primary focus of the artist is to portray her daily interactions with her adorable dogs. So that she can make his fans smile.

#7. Taking photos


#8. Does not care

#9. Clingy Dogs


#10. Day vs Night

#11. Others vs my dogs


#12. Let’s go

#13. New Socks


#14. Two Kinds

#15. Gallery


Her drawings relate to animal lovers and capture the special relationship we have with our four-legged friends. Her comics capture their witty and charming adventures as they experience the ups and downs of ordinary life, love, and friendship. She primarily documents beautiful stories of love and friendship. Her cartoons are a great way to capture the joys and challenges of these experiences, and they will make you feel good on the inside.

#16. It’s mine

#17. Who did this?


#18. Peaceful walk

#19. Catch the ball


#20. Life is not bad

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