20 Hilarious Comics Based on Awkward Moments by Cartoonist Devin

We’re here today with another series of comics inspired by awkward situations we encounter daily. Because awkward little moments are a part of everyday life, and artist Devin understands how to capture them hilariously and humorously. In his first year of college, he took up comic book drawing as a hobby. It sounded like a great idea to draw webcomics as a long-term project for him. He started this comic strip for that reason.


Devin establishes his Facebook profile, “According to Devin.” He can reach an audience of 89,000 devoted followers by working hard. He finds a lot of inspiration in ordinary things. His early works of comics focused on serious issues like mental health. He describes the scenarios in his recent comics as ridiculous but realistic depictions of life and everything in between. Let’s explore his best comics by scrolling down.

Credit: According to Devin

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#1. Realistic


#2. new music


#3. Wise words

#4. The universe be like


#5. History

#6. When haters try to phase you


He enjoys exploring awkward circumstances. These, in his opinion, truly help to define character, and the comic gets even better if he finds one that most people are familiar with. It’s one of those situations when you don’t feel as horrible about doing the awkward thing if you can get people to agree. In the age of social media, when everyone is posting highlight reels, he believes it is important to draw attention to the flaws in human beings.

#7. Ignorant opinion

#8. The universe explained


#9. how to human?

#10. new record


#11. The science of cancer

#12. social anxiety


#13. Interviews are hard

Devin had different feelings regarding his comics as they became more and more well-known. Coming up with a joke that he can laugh at himself feels amazing, and when the joke at some point clicks and flows nicely, he feels great. Hopefully, you people also enjoy his comics. Regularly check out our website for more comics of this type.

#14. Daily routines


#15. partners

#16. Why you need math


#17. everything hurts

#18. Age is just a number


#19. Granted

#20. Probably me as a parent


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