20 Comics about Pop Culture, Social Anxiety, and a Third Thing

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Humor acts as a beacon of light, cutting through the darkness of adversity and offering a moment of respite. It’s like a refreshing breath of air that allows us to momentarily detach from our troubles, gain perspective, and find a glimmer of positivity. A smile shared with humor becomes a small victory over the challenges we face, reminding us that even in the toughest moments, there’s room for laughter and a brighter outlook. Embracing humor during challenging times can be a powerful coping mechanism.

When life presents us with difficulties, a genuine smile accompanied by humor can work wonders for our well-being. For humor, comics are the best way. That’s why we have a new collection of comics for you. Meet the Instagram account @athirdthing, which is a comic about pop culture, social anxiety, and a third thing. It has 2,480 followers, 18 followings, and 99 posts. The comics are drawn in a simple, cartoony style and often feature animals as the characters. The account has a positive and uplifting feel, and it is a great source of laughs and inspiration.

The combination of pop culture references and discussions about social anxiety results in a well-balanced mix of fun and insight. Each cartoon provides a portal to introspection, asking readers to consider their own interactions and feelings. It serves as a great reminder that, through artistic expression, we can find resonance in our shared human experiences, deriving strength from the bonds formed in both our pop cultural obsessions and our personal problems. In the next part, we have compiled his best illustrations. Take a cup of tea and scroll down to the area below to enjoy these comics. We hope that everyone enjoys these comics.

Credit: A Third Thing

For more info: Instagram

#1. Babies


#2. Algorithm

#3. Browser History


#4. Punchline

#5. Where am I?


#6. Tested Positive

#7. It’s a ghost


#8. Give me a toast

#9. Suicidal Thoughts


#10. Movie Tickets

#11. Rules are simple


#12. Orphanage

#13. Doesn’t make sense


#14. How was your weekend?

#15. How is it?


#16. Clean Your Room

#17. Install


#18. How about some drinks?

#19. It’s not a drill


#20. There is no room


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