20 Times a Female Artist Shows Her Amusing Life As a Girl

Elise is an artist who shares her life and thoughts through A Cookie A Day on Instagram. In 2018, she began making these comics as a means of managing her personal mental health issues after reading suggestions to attempt blogging. Her passion has always been drawing, and she uses humor and sincerity to write about her experiences and feelings in her comics.

You are now beginning to think about this artist. We would like to inform you of the fact that she is not very well-known. She revealed that obstacles arise in life for everyone, including girls. Her illustrations are able to make those difficulties feel relevant by addressing them with fun. She goes on to suggest that females can find relief and support in laughing at a scenario that they can relate to.

Credit: A Cookie A Day

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Her comics have special qualities because they express the highs and lows of dealing with life while also making people laugh and think. She illustrates through her drawings how art can support those going through difficult times, giving them hope and understanding. Because her work is humorous and honest, it appeals to a wide audience and allows conversation on difficult topics. Let’s enjoy her best comics.

#1. Iced Drinks

#2. So True

#3. Second Cookie


#4. Someone help

#5. Monster

#6. Cleaning


It is shown by her Instagram account that she does not have a sufficient number of followers. She informed us that she is unable to regularly create content for a variety of reasons when we questioned her. As a result, she did not receive as many likes and comments from her fans, which eventually made it harder for others to follow her on Instagram.

#7. Driving Practice

#8. Good Company

#9. Concluding An Essay


#10. Time for bed

#11. Is this a test?

She regularly changes the character that she uses to represent herself in her comics. She might show one look today and another tomorrow. The artist highlighted how consistently she was portrayed in the comics and how she changed with the times to meet fresh challenges. In most comics, the character’s appearance is fixed, but her expressions vary depending on what is happening.

#12. Love you so much


#13. Art Professors be like

#14. Hairstyle

#15. Small Talk


#16. Not Ready

She is a fantastic cartoonist who really shines at portraying the positive and negative aspects of everyday life. Her comics generally portray awkward scenarios, universal worries, and teenage enjoyment. Her jokes explore the awkwardness of daily existence, our common inner conversations, and the challenges of growing. By reading her comics, your mood will definitely become better. Remember to share it with your loved ones.

#17. Cutting Down

#18. Surprise


#19. Be Afraid

#20. So Much Work

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