2o Alucoco Comics Depicts Moments From The Couple’s Everyday Life

There are many comic series that depict moments from a couple’s everyday lives. But the one that we are about to discuss is Alucoco Comics. It is an Instagram account that is famous for making comics about Alu and Coco. Alu is the male character shown as an energetic guy. Coco is the female character based on the artist herself. The main theme of this comic series is the adorable and silly moments that happen between them.

Her comic mostly focuses on the joys and challenges of romantic relationships. She describes their normal couple experiences, which are full of affection, comedy, and real-life situations. Her comics aim to get a laugh with each strip, and relationships are a common theme. She currently has an audience of 17,500 followers on her Instagram account. Let’s enjoy some of her best comics in the following section.

Credit: Alucoco Comics

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#1. Diet

#2. Driving

#3. This Way


#4. Who’s girlfriend does this too?

#5. Love Me

#6. Where are you?


She is the artist from the Netherlands who started this Instagram account in 2021. Many years have passed since they first started dating. Their comics cover a lot more than just the adorable and humorous aspects of romantic relationships. They also show the difficulties, highs, and lows that couples experience. These, in her opinion, are the times that strengthen the bond between them.

#7. Sleeping Time

#8. Hi

#9. So Yummy


#10. Miss You

#11. Secret Technique

#12. Different Cultures


#13. Boring Work Day

#14. Ice Cream

In order for everyone to be able to relate to them and enjoy the greatest components, they both do ridiculous things and document them in their comics. Their illustrations are beautiful and easy to understand, frequently displaying Alu and Coco engaging in activities that are common to most couples. If you are a couple and find this blog interesting, then do not forget to share it with others.

#15. An annoying girlfriend is a loving girlfriend


#16. Wake Up

#17. When he doesn’t know anything about make-up

#18. Cookies


#19. The view is not bad

#20. Fart

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