25 Times This Artist Makes Funny and Hilarious illustrations in order to make People Laugh out Loud

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Comic strips are generally used to makes people laugh. It is the best way to relax you mind. Everyone wants to enjoy comics which are full of humour because they want to make thier mood happy. If you are also in search of hilarious comics then you are in a right place because we are here to talk about Russian artist who makes hilarious comics in order to make people laugh.


The artist name is “Stan Korabelnikov”. He is a Russian artist. He is the owner of humourous webcomic series titled “Proidemtes” on which he creates comics about cute animals, foods, plants, and other inanimate things and puts them into funny scenarios. He uses such cute characters in order to expresses his random ideas and thoughts about life through playful comics.

The artist feels that difficult thing is to convey the emotion and hidden meaning of the comics because sometimes comics has double meanings. He welcomes his 7.6k fans on his instagram account by beautiful line which is “Sometimes it’s funny here. Comics drawn by me and seen by a wonderful person which is you.” Check out some of his hilarious comics in the phase below.

Credit: Proidemtes

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