25 Times This Artist Beautifully illustrates about Shark’s Life in a Comedy way




Sharks are the outcasts of the ocean and the creatures that often inspire fear, screams and hordes of hordes. However, there is probably a lot more to a shark’s brain than we can determine. While movies like Jaws showcase the creepier side of these predatory sea creatures, writer and comedian “Christian Talbot” likes to imagine the deeper exchanges these gristly aquatic creatures are likely to share, informed by basic shark facts.

The “Life of Sharks” is a webcomic that features real facts about sharks along with witty humor created by Christian Talbot (the writer) and Sophie Hodge (the illustrator). This artist’s comics show us the lightest dialogues between these underwater elasmobranchs that will make you all laugh and think. He has currently audience of 80.1k followers on his instagram account.

Most of his animal comics deal with the little things of everyday life, relationships and emotions. We thought it would be fun to put these things in the mouths of fish that are perceived as ruthless killers. In addition, he says sharks can’t charge royalties either. The more I learn about sharks, the weirder and more attractive we find them. Many marine biologists are now following his funny comics. Let’s take a look on some of his best illustrations.

Credit: The Life of Sharks

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