25 Colorful and Eye-Catching Comics by “Half Decent Comics”

25 Colorful and Eye-Catching Comics by “Half Decent Comics”

One of the elements that increase interest in comics is color. A comic strip will undoubtedly gain a large following if the artist includes an intriguing narrative in addition to vibrant visuals. Studies have shown that color is a type of energy that can have an impact on both our body’s functions and our minds and emotions. Because of this, we have another amazing collection of colorful comics for you.

An ongoing webcomic is called “Half Decent Comics.” We have some colorful and amusing comics for you today to help you feel better. The creator of this webcomic has chosen to maintain his privacy in favor of his followers. The time it takes him to draw a straightforward four-panel comic can range from two hours to almost a month, despite the fact that he claims it just takes him a few seconds to come up with a new idea.

He began drawing comics as a way to deal with his misery, but he never imagined that anybody would ever read them. Even though he presently has a very small Instagram following, if you read his comics, you’ll undoubtedly grow to love them. Here are 20 bright and amusing comics without further ado. They should gratify your mind and sight, hopefully. Unless you want to make your mood happy, check them out!

Credit: Half Decent Comics

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