21 Hilarious Wrestling Illustrations Every Girl Can Relate To

Sasha Tsoy is a talented artist in the field of everyday life. […]

Sasha Tsoy is a talented artist in the field of everyday life. She loves drawing funny comics about the life struggles girls go through and humorous scenarios. The artist has more than 75 thousand followers who love her sense of humor. We love her works and, this time, we highlight some of her first works.

Scroll on and enjoy! Share with us your favorite comics from all of them! If you love them, you can see more of her work that we collected here and here.

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#1 Coping with diet.

#2 Airport hairstyle


#3 Wiping up makeup.

#4 Perks of long hairs.


#5 What purpose does it serve?

#6 Hair waving.

#7 Fabulous night!


#8 What a smile looks like.

#9 Fit jeans.

#10 Red lipstick.


#11 Hair falls.

#12 All you wanted was just straight hair.


#13 The pain.

#14 Bangs.


#15 You like it natural?

#16 Oh, yes, much better!

#17 How do they do it?


#18 Influencers only.

#19 Anywhere but there!


#20 When you tell them you’re an introvert.

#21 Bonus

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