20 Wowo Comics Depicts Relatable Moments We Experienced in Daily Life

Comics may take everyday events, such as awkward social situations, technological difficulties, or even home tasks, and make them humorous. These scenarios are all suitable as inspiration for realistic comic strips. There are many artists on the Instagram platform who make such types of comics. One of them, which we are about to discuss, is Wowo Comics. He is a brilliant artist from the Netherlands who started making comics in 2017.

She is an illustrator, designer, and developer. The artist is basically a pole dancer by profession, but she started making comics part-time for the love of her comics. After getting positive feedback from people, she decided to continue in a professional way. Due to this, she is able to reach an audience of 99,500 followers on her Instagram account. You can enjoy some of her best comics in the next gallery.

Credit: Wowo Comics

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#1. Dating Apps

#2. Skirt

#3. Cards


#4. Sweet Heart

#5. Thoughts

#6. Rejection


She draws comics and has a distinct sense of humor. She is renowned for creating funny and realistic comics, which usually highlight ordinary perspectives. Her comics are well-liked since they are charming and humorous at the same time. She has a talent for making her readers laugh by capturing the ridiculousness of daily life.

#7. Big Stretch

#8. Summon Demon

#9. Anxiety


#10. Good Stuff

#11. Companion

#12. Monsters


#13. All Of You

#14. Halloween

In her comics, there are no particular characters representing humans. Instead, she uses different shapes to present situations in her comics. Because she believes that clever punchlines matter in comics instead of well-designed ones. Due to this simplicity, her comics are very popular among her fans. If you smiled while reading this blog, then be sure to share it with others to make them also smile.

#15. What’s Going On?


#16. Job Interview

#17. Complain

#18. Relatable


#19. Zero Shame

#20. High Expectations

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